British Standards 3998 2010

Now, the thing is with decent Arboriculture (tree surgery) is the ideal is to leave a tree looking as natural as possible and little signs of human interference noticeable. It’s British Standards 3998 2010 Recommendations for Tree Work and we try our hardest to prune to this at all time, as should all respectable companies.

What’s the issue?

Problem is, human nature wants more for it’s money and so quality work such as todays superb efforts from the lads often get dismissed as “well, is that all you’ve done?” The answer is yes it is all we’ve done, the skill in being able to prune a tree like this is so much greater than hitting it hard. I’d like to point out, our client is sympathetic to what we are trying to achieve both on this tree and as a greater mission with all of their trees on the numerous sites they own, and so was more than happy with the results.

Imagine being on the tips of this tree and being able to control your body weight, balance, keep an eye on the ground, make decent cuts to the tree (which won’t cause long term physiological damage), not cause any damage to property or possessions and still attain this quality of workmanship. This is exactly what Joe managed to do, and what a great result he has achieved. Top work Joe – Cheers.

Mantra is LESS IS MORE people – less is more.

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