We only do trees

YOU MAY NOTICE A DISTINCT LACK OF US ADVERTISING ANY OTHER “land-based” services on our website and adverts. This is because we don’t offer these services. I believe that in order to excel in our chosen area of expertise we should stick at that and that alone. We only do trees.

No fencing, grass cutting or landscaping.

So, when you ask us to care for your trees you know that that is ALL we we do and that we dedicate ALL of our working time to trees and trees alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with landscaping, fencing and grass cutting – it’s just not our area of expertise. It would be wrong for us to pretend it were and take your hard-earned money for a job that we are not 100% into.


Seriously – I would not know how to put a fence up level and lay a decent patio.
To this end, we only employ Arborists (tree surgeons) with years of experience whom also only want to work on, and care for trees.In my mind it’s an important deciding factor when I choose a tradesperson, and I’d imagine I’m not alone.

Simple ethos.

When we come to work for you, you know that yesterday, last week, last month, last year all we’ve been doing is caring for trees. Simple yet important I think.

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