This wonderful specimen tree was surveyed and a fault noted. The specification was to cable brace three limbs, it’s not everyday work but we are experienced in this field so the client instructed us to carry out this contract. We have fitted many cable bracing systems over the years.

Who was on site?

Joe and Chester climbed the tree, removed a little growth from the branches to be braced (removing mass). Phil was directing proceedings from the ground.

Cable bracing systems

They then went to work installing the non invasive German system called Cobra. It is U.V. stable and has a life of over 10 years. The coloured disc you can see relates to the year it was installed. This means from the ground you can tell how old (to the nearest year) the installation is. The system was sourced and supplied to us by one of our favoured suppliers – FR Jones

Our client was really pleased to see that retention of his favourite tree was possible and it didn’t have to be pruned too hard and beyond recognition. The tree is now checked annually by us. Check out

Project Details
  • Date 26th March 2016
  • Client McMahon
  • Duration 1/2day
  • Cost £330 approx.