A classic example of the wrong tree in the wrong garden. This small oak tree wants to be an 8foot monster of a plant, but it’s just in the wrong place. After several years of trying (and failing) to keep this tree in check the owners tasked us with felling it so they can replant with a more suitable species. I know it seems heavy handed, but long term I believe this is the best option.

Who’s on site?

Chester is on the chainsaw making sure that the tree falls in the right direction, Joe is providing the muscles!

Despite it’s rather diminutive size this tree provided us with a truck load of wood and wood chips to dispose of. The client has already us to quote for more works to a rather imposing hedge overhanging their boundary.

For more info on tree felling go to https://www.abouttrees.co.uk/tree-felling/

Project Details
  • Date 8 November 2016
  • Client Bird
  • Duration >½ day
  • Cost £270 approx.