Price Guide

Price Guide

It’s difficult to tell you how much your job will cost without seeing it first, but this may help. Generally, you can expect About Trees to cost somewhere in the region of £250 – £400 per person per day.
About Trees tends to run teams of 3 tree surgeons; these cost around £700 – £950 per day.
The cost varies significantly from job to job. Here is an approximate outline of what sort of costs you can expect.

• Tree felling – £300 to £3,000
• Large technical felling or Crown reduction (inc. rigging of limbs and specialist equipment) – £1,000 to £3,000
• Pollarding large trees -£700 to £2500
• Medium-sized garden tree with standard team and equipment – £500 to £800
• Tree pruning (reduction, thinning, lifting) – £100 to £500\

Broadly speaking, it’ll cost about £120/per hour for a three-person team, although this can be misleading as travel time to and from the site, loading, and unloading have also to be taken into account.

These aren’t set in stone though When visiting a site to quote for a job, these are some of the factors that have to be considered:
• Tree inspection costs
• Size and quantity of trees
• Condition of trees
• Type of work that needs doing
• Access to the trees
• Any prep work needed
• Disposal of waste materials

Call or email us to find out.