Joe Lovelock Lead Climbing Arborist

Lead Climbing Arborist & Team Leader
Professional Knowledge 85%
85% Professional Knowledge
Team Leadership 100%
100% Team Leadership
Climbing Arborist Skills 95%
95% Climbing Arborist Skills
Horticultural Knowledge 75%
75% Horticultural Knowledge

An introduction to…

Joe Lovelock – is our Lead Climbing Arborist Team Leader. He has been with About Trees for nearly 2 years and has grown in that time to become a fantastic arborist. Joe doesn’t shy away from any kind of work be it high end spectacular stuff, or slightly more mundane contracts. I think he is somewhat the Talisman of the team and in his role of  Team leader always looks after the team in terms of safety and morale. Amongst the team he is a highly regarded and respected.

Lead Climbing Arborist…

Joe is responsible for a great deal of things when on site. He liaises with the clients and briefs the team on the work plan. Included in this is the important job of Risk Assessment. The crew are aware on all contingencies once briefed by Joe. Please take a look at the Portfolio page to see the quality of work the team provides.

Personal bio…

Joe is mad keen on fitness. He has completed 2 Ironman extreme endurance events and more full and half marathons to mention. Amongst the training regime, he always manages to find lots of time to spend with his young family. Joe has a twin brother and they compete together in many events.