The Team

About Trees Ltd. is a dedicated tree care company that provides tree care and full Arboricultural services to clients throughout Kent, Sussex, East Sussex, Essex and London to mention a few areas.

Here is an introduction to the team members you can expect to see working for you. These re the stalwarts of the company, you will always see at least one of the team below. From time to time we use trusted contractors when our work load is to high.  Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with clients based on honesty and service.

With over 25 years experience and a brilliant, enthusiastic team we can over come all of your tree related issues, from site surveys through to removal of dead or dangerous trees, re-active and pro-active works.

As a company we focus a great deal of time and effort into building safe practices and an ethos of safety first.

About Trees ltd, will be celebrating it’s 17th year in business very soon, I, myself am very proud of this achievement, starting and building a business over the last 17 years has not been easy for anyone, we are thriving, I can only assume this is our ethos paying off.

The team, both in principle and practice is so important to us as a company, and we have worked hard at selecting the best Arborists we can find, they have been hand picked team members who have strengths in different fields of the industry, we can offer a broad skillset. It is our intention to treat them with respect and always take on board their ideas on how to approach given opportunities. Between us we have over 45years of industry experience we can draw on.

Max – Team Leader – Climbing Arborist.
Team Leader - Climbing Arborist.

An introduction to… Max has been in the industry for over 15years. He is

Wayne Elwell -25+ years in and still loving it

An introduction to… Wayne Elwell -After spending some time traveling the world in my

Charlie – Groundsman and rescue climber
Groundsman and rescue climber

An introduction to… Charlie studied Arboriculture at Capel Manor in North London, he is

Morgan – Climbing Arborist
Junior Arborist

An introduction to… Morgan has been with us quite some time and is really

Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust


Our company is built and trust and respect. It’s a simple ethos that each team member buys into. Marry that with skilled craftsmen with high degrees of knowledge using up to date modern tools and technology we see to have a success story.

The lads thoughts and approaches to work are respected and I like to think we have a happy and loyal team. Clients regular compliment them on their work ethics, quality and togetherness.


Clean & Tidy site
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About Trees ltd. has featured in several articles in trade press over the last few years, most recently (January 2017) providing a Top Ten Tips on how to manage Ash Dieback disease.

Published media:

“Featured company” in ProArb magazine September 2015

“Top Ten Tips dealing with Ash Dieback” in ProArb magazine February 2017


Interview on morning show “dealing with Bleeding Canker of Horse Chestnut” BBC Radio Kent  March 2006

“A day in the life of……..” featured professional on Morning show and Drive-time BBC Radio Kent. December 2016

We have also appeared several times on BBC radio Kent. Speaking about topics such as Bleeding Canker of Horse Chestnut and most recently (December 2016) we were focussed on for two radio pieces for the morning news bulletin and the evening Drive time shows. These were aired just before Christmas and the feedback both from listeners and BBC radio Kent was fantastic.

Each member of About Trees wants to forward the industry and be as professional as possible.

I have been in the industry for nearly 20 years and being a Technician status Arborist awarded by the Arboricultural Assoc. is something I am very proud of. My member number is  TE02523. It means there is a degree of Arboricultural knowledge that I hold. Hopefully this will set your mind at ease that the advice you are given is correct and relevant. If you want to talk to me about this or any of you tree related issues please contact us today