Faversham is a wonderful historic market town, and has some wonderful old trees. We carry out a lot of tree surgery works in Faversham. We have clients in the Conservation area of the town, the outskirts, Oare, Uplees, Boughton, Herne Hill carrying out works ranging from tree planting to tree felling. One of our largest clients is based in Faversham and we as a proud Kent company are delighted to be looking after Shepherd Neame’s tree stock.

We have carried out some of our most demanding tree surgery contracts in Faversham in the ex-chalkpits that are now residential areas. A lot of central Faversham is in the Conservation area….don’t worry, we can take care of these applications for you on your behalf at no extra cost.

It’s not just the central Faversham we work in either, we have clients in many of the surrounding villages including the beautiful house and grounds and large estate of Belmont House, Throwley.

New clients are always welcome and we pride ourselves in trying to deliver results that are both desirable to our clients and beneficial to their trees. We do this by making a site visit and listening to what you, the customer wants. We then make honest and suitable advice and deliver you with a quote for the correct specification for your tree work needs. This is based on over 15 years industry knowledge. Please view our testimonials page.

So, if you like the sound of the service we offer please contact us.
Hope you enjoy the video.