Whitstable is my hometown, it holds a special place in my heart, unfortunately it’s tree stock is not too high. That’s why about…trees’ approach to tree surgery is particularly suited to Whitstable. We try to solve a problematic tree by not grabbing the chainsaw immediately and recommending felling. Quite often well-specified tree surgery works can mean that the “problem” tree can be thoughtfully pruned and retained. This approach is what we have termed as “Progressive tree care” and our clients seem to appreciate this approach.

Sometimes, however that tree can only be felled, maybe it is diseased, dead, dangerous or just the wrong tree in the wrong place. We can help in this situation also. Whitstable has some tiny gardens with huge unsuitable trees in them, we can apply to the council to fell them and once permission obtained we can carry out these difficult tree surgery operations in complete control. We do this by making use of modern rigging equipment to lower branches and stems to the ground. We specialise in this form of “low impact” tree surgery.

Over the years we have completed many exciting and interesting tree surgery projects in in the Conservation area of Whitstable and the surrounding areas through to Tankerton, Swalecliff, Borstal Hill, and our host of regular clients in Chestfield and Herne Bay. There’s a good chance you may know someone who we have worked for.

We can offer advice on the correct trees to plant in your garden, given that Whitstable is a coastal town and salt tolerant trees should be chosen. With over 15 years in the industry, you can rest assured you are getting the correct specification for your tree care needs. Please view our testimonials page.

So, if you like the sound of the service we offer please contact us to arrange a free quote.
Hope you enjoy the video.